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Raynala - Search by HexK
Raynala - Search
After the last image of Raynala I decided I wanted to also complete new drawings (meaning the first of each outfit image is from...two years ago I think?) in the same outfit. I love drawing hair in action so I thought it was time to start working on action poses. Not perfect but pretty happy with it.

Forgot her eye-shadow and the tie in her plait.

Dragon Age © Bioware
In depth/custom Warden and art 
© me
Raynala - Shemlen in our Forest by HexK
Raynala - Shemlen in our Forest
Not sure what happened with this one. I clearly didn't use the technique I've developed on my note. Does show the outfit I designed for Raynala between ages 12-24/during the start of Origins though. Pretty much up until Flemeth saves her.

I love designing outfits for my Bioware characters but colour palettes for them are a bit more difficult than the outfits themselves.

Also normally I'm not one for clown make up but the teal tattoos and make-up helped emphasise her isolation from any other world bar her Dalish caravan.

Dragon Age © Bioware
In depth/custom Warden and art 
© me
Raynala - Dalish by HexK
Raynala - Dalish
Here's the reason I am most excited about my tablet and finally got motivated to start uploading things. I'm finally motivated for my Bioware fanart.

So I've shared a bit of Zach (and there's definitely more to come, I'm really attached to Zach Shepard in the same way I'm emotionally attached to the Mass Effect series).

Here's my first Dragon Age character around the ages 7-11, maybe a bit older. She's my Dalish Elf. And yes, her hair is identical to one zealot. I knew nothing about DA when I bought it and when I met Leliana I face-palmed that I managed to make a elf duplicate of her. However by then I was already attached to how Raynala looked so I just went "screw it" and kept the design.

I'm slowly going through colouring my old age/lifespan images that I drew of my Bioware characters years ago but also drawing updated versions as well.

Designing outfits is so much fun. n_n

Dragon Age © Bioware
In depth/custom Warden and art 
© me
Yume Nikki by HexK
Yume Nikki
Creative title is creative.

More experimenting, obsession with horror rpgs from when I first got my notebook. I found Yume Nikki boring tbh but the psychology behind it, the amount of analysing and interpretations that result from it is just amazing and interesting. Also love most of the fanart I've seen from it.

Yume Nikki © Kikiyama
© me
Ib by HexK
Signs you really need to log on more often: Having nearly 3,000 notices/messages/etc without being a popular artist.

So...I don't even know how long ago it happened but I got a Samsung Notebook. Best investment ever. I really enjoy Autodesk. It's a great program and a lot of fun. It's also given me easier access to digital painting which has resulted in it occurring more frequently. I just don't upload things so much.

When I first got my notebook I'd just gone through a phase of horror rpgs. Ib was one of my favourites and I wanted to draw an older her as if drawn by Mary with the crayon esque look of the pencil brushes...however when drawing I got distracted by trying other stuff and completely forgot about drawing it with "crayon" the background got that treatment. :P

Expect artwork spam over the weekend as I'm trying to update my various creative endeavours accounts.

Ib is © Kouri - Highly recommend playing this. It's amazing.
© me.


Hex Kaynex
Current Residence: Under a rock in the hole of the hole of the world.
Favourite genre of music: I like most music
Wallpaper of choice: Final Fantasy Fan Art Cycle
Favourite cartoon character: Pepe Le Pue
Personal Quote: Okay, now I'm going to go do that unconscious thing known as sleep.
So life's been pretty hectic for the majority of this year. But I guess that is just an excuse really. But the worst was over a little over a month ago and now it's just been sorting things out like moving house.
I have finished that now though. Just a few random things to put away/find places for so hopefully I will get back to my art. Still trying to set up my art/games/computer space though. Will be easier once I get a longer network cable.

I have my original projects I would like to continue like Nino's world (which needs a new name) but I also love my bioware creations not to mention the idea of other fanart. So many games I love. Need to do more Project Zero stuff too.

Hopefully while I have a bunch of time off from work since it is quiet I will hold onto the motivation to draw so I can submit more of Zach Shep, my other Shepard to have some designs, Amy and some of my DA characters. I'll work hard on these pen sketches.

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